“Iyakkunar sigaram” Director k balachander Died / passed away today – 23/12/2014

Director k balachander “Iyakkunar sigaram”, famous tamil film industry person passed away today (23/12/2014), he was admitted in the hospital due to health problem, he was admitted in a private hospital for urinary tract disinfection, At initial stage of the admission in hospital his health got improvement but unfortunately today treatment given to him went unusable and his condition went critical.

while he was getting treatment in hospital a rumor was spread out that he was died but today it came true. He took his last breath at 7.02 this was said by the hospital officials. funeral service for him will be held on thursday.


About k balachander

He was born in the year 1930 at nannilam, He is very popularly called by the tamil peoples as “IYakkunar sikaram”, He introduced lot of popular tamil actors like Rajini kanth, kamala hasan and so on. He received various awards for his films and he got various film fare ad national awards multiple times, Director K balachander holds the credit of giving career to lot of tamil film personalities. Nearly 150 films are present in his profile.

He did his graduation in zoology from annamalai university and after completing degree he worked as a teacher, In the year 1950 he came to Chennai from his native to work as apprentice clerk. Since from the year 1960 he started his service for the tamil industry, At first he wrote dialogues for films. From the year 1970 he started creating films, During his early period he did lot of films with the actor kamal hasan.

He placed his foot in the bollywood industry in the year 1981 through his film called “Ek Duuje ke liye”,

Later 2000 he started doing television serials, His wife name is Rajam, he got marriage with her in the year 1956, he has a daughter and two sons, one of his son named kailasam was died in the same year august month.

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