Best courses for students who scoring between 60% to 80%

The Students who are scoring 60% to 80% Marks in the Exam – What they can Study?

Many of the Students are thinking in there Mind that when they Score high marks only then they can Achieve there dreams and they can Succeeded in there Life. But one of the Real Truth is the Students who are scoring 60% to 80% Marks in the exam are becoming stars in there Life.

The Main Reason for this is they are performing well in the Extra Curricular activities like Sports and arts apart from there Studies.

This essay gives the complete idea what kind of Course these kind of Students can take after completing there +2. There are many courses are there apart from the Evergreen courses like Engineering and Medicine. First we will these two important courses and then we will move on to the Next Courses.

When the Engineering Course is concerned there are many Seats vacant in the Engineering Colleges in Tamlinadu.  So Getting the Engineering seat is quite easy and completing this course successfully is quite difficult.

So you have to take the decision after completely Analyzing that whether you have the necessary skills to successfully complete the Engineering Course.

When the MBBS course is concerned there are only few seats are present in the Medical Colleges Present in Tamilnadu. So, the Medical course will be suitable for the Students who are getting Very high Marks in there Exam.

The Chance of getting in to the medical field is very less when we concentrate only on the MBBS Course.

But we have the Chance of getting seat in other medical Courses. There are some other medical courses which are similar like the MBBS and there duration is also same like the MBBS. The other medical courses like Siddha, Ayurvedha, Homeopathy, Unani are getting popular now a days.

In Tamilnadu, The Medical Colleges which are teaching BDS are more in number when compared to the medical Colleges that are teaching only MBBS. So the chance of getting seats in these medical colleges is very high. We need to concentrate on some of the other medical courses like B.Pharm, B.Sc (Nursing), BPT i.e. Physiotherapy and the eye related courses like Optometry.

Apart from MBBS, The Veterinary medical courses are one of the popular courses from olden days.  The veterinary   science course i.e B.V.Sc. course was taught in the Veterinary Medical College present in the Vepery, Chennai and it was also taught in the Namakkal medical College which was working under this University.

The Fisheries related course like B.F.Sc are taught in the Government College of fisheries Present in the Tuticorin. This college was also working under the Control of University of Veterinary medicine. This course was becoming popular.

The Agriculture course was one of the Evergreen Course. This course was taught not only in the Coimbatore, it was also taught in the Trichy, Periyakulam and many other colleges which are coming under the Control of Coimbatore Agricultural University. The Horticulture course had also become famous now a days and it was studied by many students.

Many of them do not know that there are some special engineering courses were taught in the Coimbatore Agricultural University. You have to send a separate application to the Agricultural University to Study the Engineering Courses like B.Tech (Bio Technology), Food Process Engineering, and Agricultural IT.

Once Upon a time when any one wants to enter in to the Politics they have to join in the Law College and they should also have the passport. But these rules were diminished in the mid days. The Value of Law course was increasing again. When the Students had taken whatever group in the +2 they are eligible to join in the 5 years Law course in any of the Law colleges present in the Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Nellai, Madurai and Chengalpet.

More than hundreds of the Arts colleges which are teaching the courses like B.A, B.Sc, and are also getting popular equal to the Engineering Colleges. There are lot of Changes are made in the courses which are taught in these arts colleges. There are lot of new courses are introduced in these colleges. The Computer science and the Bio Technology courses which were taught in the Engineering colleges were also introduced as B.Sc Courses in the Arts Colleges. The Special Graduation were also given in the Microbiology, Bio Chemistry and Plant Technology fields. There lot of Special Courses like Indian Tourism, Home Science and Psychology were taught in the Women Colleges. These courses are very helpful for the Women’s.

One of the Main Course that was taught in the Arts College was B.Com; many of the Students are not concentrating on the additional courses that should be taken along with the B.Com course. They are Chartered Accountant C.A, ICWAI i.e cost Accountant, and ACS i.e Company Secretary.

Once Upon a time the Students can join in these courses only after completion of there Graduation, but this situation has been Changed now, the students can take the preliminary exam of these courses immediately after they join in there Graduate courses, they can write these exams while they are doing there graduate courses, so because of these there is no need of wasting three years of time.

Once Upon a time, most of the Parents will not allow there Children’s to join in the Film Institute, but the Situation was changed now, many of the Parents are encouraging there Children’s to join in the Courses conducted in the Film Institute, this is because of the Job Opportunities that are present in the Film industry and also in the Television Channels.

The various Diploma Courses in Recoding, editing and Cinematography were taught in the Government Film Institute, Chennai. Same like this Various Music and dance related courses were taught in the Government Music College Present in Adyar, Chennai. Apart from this the Government Music College were present in all the Districts.

You can join in the Graduate Courses when you have the Drawing Skills. Do you know that? The BFA Fine Arts course Which Consists of different Specializations were taught in the Government Fine Arts College Present in Egmore and also in the Government College present in Kumbakonam.  The Admission for this course will be based on the marks scored in the Drawing Entrance Exam Conducted by the College. In this Entrance Exam Your Drawing Skill will be tested. Since both the Colleges are government Colleges very less fees was collected in these colleges. Many of the Famous art directors who were present in the Film Industry are the Old Students of this College.


In Recent days a course which attracts many of the Students is Fashion Technology course, this course was taught in the National Institute of Fashion Technology belongs to Central Government present in Taramani, Chennai. This was one of the Famous Institute. Various designing courses like Fashion designing and Clothing were taught as the degree courses in this institute.

The Courses like Hotel Management and the Catering Technology always provides the direct Employment for the Students. These catering courses gives the Opportunity to there Students to Work in Five star hotels, Ship and Airplane and it also gives the opportunity of working in the Foreign countries. So, those who are interested in this can take the course.

The Press, Television and advertisement field are having a tremendous growth. So you can also concentrate on the courses like B.Sc Visual Communication, Mass Communication, Public Relations, Journalism, and Electronic Media.

So do not choose the courses by seeing the others. You should choose the proper course according to your Interest and also considering the Job Opportunities present in that Field. So, if you choose the right course then it will give you a better Future.

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