List of Suitable countries for Business- India got 142nd place.

When compared to last year India was dropped to 142nd place in the List named as “The countries that are suitable for starting the business “released by the World Bank. The Prime Minister Modi had implemented the “Make in INDIA” Plan to help INDIA to get placed with in First 50 among the 189 countries in this List. In this Situation, the Rank of India was dropped to 142nd place.
Before making any Investments in a Particular country, the World business people and the Investors are checking whether that country will be suitable for doing business. The World Bank association was releasing a list to help them. This list consists of countries that will be more suitable for doing the business. It was prepared based on calculating more than 10 criteria.
Yesterday, the World Bank had released the List for the Current year 2014.In that List India was ranked on 142nd place. Last year India was ranked on 140th Place. In this Year India was dropped by 2 places. This Situation was considered as a draw back for India. At the same time the World Bank reports had told that the steps like Plans taken by the New Modi government, the policies released to attract the Investors and the new plans will increase the confidence towards India and it will attract them towards India. It was expected that next year the India will get a better Place in that List.
How the List is Prepared?
Security of the Investors, Barriers for giving permission for making the constructions, way of implementing the Contracts, Arranging for Electricity, Registering the Wealth, How to pay the Tax, How to avoid the problems in the limits for the Trading methods and 10 other criteria’s will also be considered while preparing the list.
Which Country, Which Place?
The Singapore has got 88.27 points and was ranked 1st place in this list. The New Zealand has got the 2nd place. The south east country Hongkong has got the 3rd place. The European Country Denmark has got the 4th place. South Korea has got the 5th Place.
America has got the 7th place and the Britain has got the 8th Place. The China has got the 90th Place. The Small countries Like Srilanka in 99th place, Nepal 108th place, Maldives 116th place, Bhutan 125th and Pakistan was in 128th place. These countries are placed in high positions when compared to India.
The World Bank Economic development Director Augusto Lopez –Claros who had prepared the List had told about the Fall of India that “The current list will not affect the India’s current economical situation and the efforts of the Indian Government.
This list was Prepared from the Previous criteria’s. The Present Indian government had taken various new steps; So India will get a better place in the coming years. The present modi government had developed better investing Situations.
Better situation was developed in India for the Investors and for the new Entrepreneurs. Modi government was giving confidence for them.

India gives More Protection to the Investors.
The World Bank had released the list of countries that are suitable to start the business for the current year 2014. The World Bank had also released the list of countries that gives more protection to the Investors. The World Bank had informed that among the countries in this list, India gives more Protection to the Investors.
The countries which were ranked in first 10 places were not providing more protection to the investors. But India gives more protection. In this list India was ranked on 7th place. New Zealand had got the 1st place.
The countries like Hongkong, Singapore, Britain, Malaysia and Ireland countries had got the next place. The India was in 7th Place. Along With India Canada and Albanian countries was also in the 7th Place. France in 17th Place, America is in 25th place, Japan in 35th place, Germany in 51st Place, Australia in 71st Place, Switzerland in 78th place, Russia in 100th Place and China in 132nd place.

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