Best colleges for landscape architecture in india 2015 | course scope

Landscape architect is a person who is capable of creating places/designs for particular uses, gardens and so on, the course which describes these things is called as Landscape architecture. At the same time there is one more word which is commonly used in this field, that is landscape designer. Landscape designers are persons who work as architect without proper license and approval.

Jobs of landscape architect:

Persons who want to work in this job need more creativity, because he should have ability to create good gardens and lands for particular use. He determines the land how it will looks in future and he handles all the designing and constructing works related to it. He have following responsibilities

  1. Interacting with the customers regarding the project
  2. Supervising costs of projects and taking steps to complete it at fewer budgets also calculating its maintenance costs.
  3. Detecting the natural resources, features and other species present in the place where work is going to be carried out.
  4. Using technology like CAD software for creating plans
  5. Creating reports for the customers and giving presentations

Skills required for landscape architect:

  1. Creating quick creative decisions as per customer’s requirements.
  2. Good communication and architecting skill
  3. Good negotiation and team work skills
  4. Good computer skills and interest to take creative project works.

How to enter into field work:

After completing UG degree from a recognized institution in Landscape architecture they can join in LI as associate member. After getting membership it will take at least two years to reach chartered landscape architect level. For achieving this there are some terms and rules. Then they have keep updated with latest technology to achieve high levels.

List of some good institutions in india for landscape architecture course 2015:

Get details of each institution using the given addresses.

s.noName of the institutionOfficial website address
1.IIT KharagpurClick here
2.Rai University, RaipurClick here
3.IIT RoorkeeClick here
4.Jadavpur UniversityClick here
5.Bengal Engineering CollegeClick here
6.TVB School of Habitat StudiesClick here
7.Sir JJ College of ArchitectureClick here
8.Centre for Environmental Planning and TechnologyClick here
9.Chandigarh College of ArchitectureClick here
10.School of Planning and Architecture


Click here


Future scope of the course:

Candidate who are applying hard work in any sector are achieving in their fields, this course will give good future for persons who have broad mind. It is important that your designs must attract customers. If you have above skills you don’t need to wait for anymore for choosing this course.

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