NO idea about changing age limit for UPSC IAS / IPS /UPSC exams – union govt

In a question and answer session in parliament union minister jitendra singh said that central government has idea about changing the age limit / no of times appearing limit for UPSC group 1 exams for positions like IAS, IPS, etc.

V.Elumalai of AIADMK raised a question about whether the government has any plan in reducing the age range for UPSC examiners or there have any plans to reduce the number of times a candidates appearing for these exams.

Regarding this union minister said In some medias unconfirmed news were shown that govt reduces the age limit and that time itself govt released a news that currently it have no idea about this and the news is not true.

Regarding this govt arranged the all party meeting on November 23 and it received comments regarding this from all the members.

As per the current rule maximum age limit for the general candidates to appear for the group 1 exam is 32 and if he belongs to same category he can appear for the UPSC group 1 category exams 7 times.

OBC type examiners can appear for the exam till he reach 35 year age, he can attend the recruitment 9 times at maximum.

There is no limit in number of times appearing for SC and ST examiners but he can try up to his 37 years of age. If candidates failed to pass the exam within above ranges cant be able to appear further.

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