Whether passing should be made compulsory till 8th Standard?

Since passing the students is made compulsory till 8th standard under the free and compulsory education Act RTE, many of the students are not getting the necessary skills on the particular classes and they are moving to the next level. So because of this the students are getting trouble in there higher classes.

The central human resource development ministry had asked the State governments to tell there opinions about the importance of this Compulsory passing. In the RTE Act passing is made compulsory till 8th Standard.

Many of the schools had considered this act and they are promoting the students to the next classes. Mainly the Government school teachers are doing like this. But the Private schools are conducting the special classes and conducting special exam to the students, once the students pass this exam they are promoted to the next class.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Because of the Compulsory passing, the students are not getting the skills required for the particular class and they are coming to the 9th standard. Next year they are forced to take the 10th standard public exam. The Central government had started reviewing the advantages and disadvantages involved in the compulsory passing.

In relation to this the Central Human resource development ministry had asked the State governments to tell there opinions about the compulsory passing. The Education department had also informed that some of the states like Andhra and Karnataka had insisted that compulsory education is not needed. The education department had also informed that no opinion has been submitted from the Tamilnadu government.


In regard to this the educator Prince Gajendra babu had told that “The Teachers had wrongly understood the concept of compulsory passing till 8th standard. The teachers are forgetting that they should  teach the students in the method that the students should get the complete knowledge of the particular class they are studying. The Teachers had taken this law for granted and they are showing lethargicness in Teaching.

It is not necessary to remove any section in the law. If each class contains subject related teachers and if they take the classes properly, it is assured that each student will get the complete knowledge about the particular class they are studying. The Teacher – Student Percentage was wrongly calculated here.

The government was thinking that only 2 teachers are enough for 60 Students in a class. But 60 students will be separated in to different classes. In that case, the teaching will be perfect only if separate teachers are allocated for class wise and subject wise. But the Problem is most of the government schools do not have this Facility.

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