tamilnadu government smart card issue for students delays for adding informations

Further delay in issuing the smart card to the Students because of asking additional information

Chennai: The education department had placed a condition that new information’s like Students email id, weight, height should be included while collecting the data’s for issuing the smart card to the students. Due to this there is a problem occurs in issuing the smart card this year.

The issuance of smart card which consists of complete information about the students studying from 1st standard to 12th standard was started from the year 2012.

Delay: Since most of the schools do not have the computers, some of the schools have computers but they do not have the internet connection, because of there is a delay occurs in uploading the data’s of the students. In the January last year in some of the districts like tiruttani, ponneri, tiruvallur, the data’s of the students are uploaded in the computer lab present in the private colleges with the help of the Computer Teachers.

By this method also they are not able to upload the data’s completely. So a offline software was recorded in the CD and the Students data’s are uploaded.

Email id: However, the smart card was still not issued to the Students. Now the educational department has ordered to get the additional information’s like Students weight, height and the email id. In this there is no problem in getting the data’s about the student’s weight.

But there is a problem occurs in creating the email id for the students. In order to create the email id the student should have there own computer and the internet connection or else they have to go the browsing centre and they have to create the email id. For this they have to spend more money and time.

There is a question arises between the students studying in +2 who had already given the information that whether they atleast get the smart card this year before they are completing there studies.

An educational officer who does not want to tell his name had released information about this. He had said that “With the Aim of giving the smart card to the students, the complete information is getting prepared and the additional information is also collected.”

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