Social Media is the Best gateway for Job opportunities

Starting from play school, L.K.G, College admission, Campus interview, Job promotion and the Salary increment, the life is full of competition.

How we are succeeding in this competition is another part. But, it is true that facing this competition plays a major role in our daily life.

Competition for Work

Today’s youngsters are facing so many problems because of the competition for work. What can be the dream of the parents who are getting the loan and making there children’s to study? There dream is that there children’s should get a Good job in a reputed company before they are completing there studies.

Only a few percent of the students are getting the job in the campus interview as per there dream and there parents dream. So there is a question arises that, what is the situation of others? How they will get the Job?

Technology is there

The Technology had changed a lot of things in this world. It has become the Winner in today’s world. The data transfer Speed which was started from 3g had now reached to 5g.The Technology plays a major role in selecting the employees for a Company.

In Previous Years the “Job portals” had acted as a bridge between the Employers and the candidates searching for the Job. Most of the big companies and the Candidates searching for the job had trusted these job portals. But the Situtation had changed now.

Companies New Trend

Some of the researches had revealed that Most of the Private companies are selecting there employees through the Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Linked In Which helps in expanding the professional network was growing very fast. The youngsters should not forget that the social Medias are used not only for like, share, comment and Follow.

The experts had told that the Selecting the employees through these social networking sites will reach a growth of above 50% in the coming years. The Companies which are providing the jobs are approaching the Social medias for selecting the qualified persons for there Companies. The Companies are telling that the Social media sites are providing a better opportunity to have a discussion with the candidates and they can able to know about the candidate skills and they can provide the job that are suitable to the candidates.

The Companies are getting lot of facilities like they can able to hire an employee for there concern by spending a less amount and they can also get an employee for there concern with in the specified time. The Companies are also getting a good recognition through this.

Will this Trend Will Change?

There is no chance of sudden Change in this Trend. So create a better Profile according to the Companies expectation and Keep on Updating your Profile. Not only this, you should make your Profile Visible to the Companies that are joined in the social Media. By doing this you will get the Job very easily.

So it is Crazy that if you still use the Social media to share the Tour Photos, Updating the un necessary things like brushing your teeth in the Morning 10 am and going for sleep at the late night without taking your dinner and getting 1000 likes for that.

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