How to activate internet banking in kotak mahindra bank/application form 2014

kotak mahindra bank is a private sector bank in india it was established in the year 1985.  from the headquart4. er located in the mombai all other kotak mahindra bank branches are controlled.

want to activate internet banking in the kotak mahindra bank:

advantages of net banking facility are can transfer fund to any account any time, dont need to go for a bank branch

2.check your bank balance and transactions just from in front of your computer

3. pay various bills online and check status from online

4. you can pay the direct taxes through kotakbill pay.

steps to activate net banking:

steps for activating netbanking is clearly given in the following page.

click for kotak mahindra bank net banking ACTIVATION PROCEDURE and APPLICATION FORM

If you want to download the application for activating netbanking from online it is also available in the above page.

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