changes in tn public exam 2015 Answer sheets

The Answer sheets and the top sheet for the +2 and the 10th standard public exam had reached the Kovai Safety centers.

The Primary education officer Gyana Gowri had informed that the stitching work of the Top sheet and the answer sheets will be carried out after the Practical exam.

From the year 2013, the exam department had decided to give the 40 pages answer sheet for the language exams and 54 pages answer sheet for the other subjects to the students during the Public exam. This was given in order to reduce the wastage of time by the students, to reduce the work pressure of the supervisors and to reduce the unwanted confusions.

When it was found that the students are wasting the answer sheets in more numbers, then new procedures will be followed from the current educational year. In accordance to this for the exams going to be conducted on March, the 10th Standard students will be given 22 pages ruled answer sheets to write the language exams, 32 pages answer sheets will be given to write the Maths and Science exam, 26 pages answer sheet will be given to write the Social science exam.

For the +2 Students, 30 pages ruled answer sheet will be given for language exams, then for the Accounts exam, answer sheet which is unruled from 1st page to 14th page, then the ruled pages from 15 to 46 will be given to the students. 30 pages answer sheet will be given for the computer science exam and 38 pages answer sheet will be given for the other subjects. All these answer sheets are prepared by the exam department.

Special code was given to identify the answer sheets according to the subjects. Based upon the order from the Director of Government exams, Starting from 23rd of last month, these answer sheets are sent to the District Primary education officers from the District offices. The Top sheets had reached the Kovai District. The work of Stitching the Top Sheet and the Answer sheet will be carried out as soon as possible. The exam department was taking necessary actions to carry out this work and finish them as soon as possible.

The Primary education officer Gyana Gowri had informed that “The practical exam for the +2 Students will start from 6th, so because of this the exam works are carried out in a very fast manner. The exam department had planned to start the work of Stitching the Answer Sheet and the Top sheet as soon as possible.  The Preparatory meeting for this will be conducted on 5th”.

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